27 12, 2017

Real Estate Investing as a Second Career

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If you're a retiree - or you are quickly approaching that point in your life - then you may be seeking ways of boosting your retirement income and / or wanting to get into an additional investment genre in order to help increase your asset base. One of the ways you might be thinking of [...]

18 10, 2017

How to Build Up a Profitable Rental Real Estate Portfolio in Orlando

2017-10-17T16:29:02+00:00 By |Investing|

If you're already familiar with the investment property market in Florida, then you may be well aware that the Sunshine State can provide numerous benefits when it comes to buying rental real estate. For example, this southeastern locale has maintained steady population growth throughout the years, in part due to its year-round temperate climate, and [...]

20 09, 2017

Condo or Single Family Home: Which is the Better Rental Property to Own in Florida?

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If you're thinking about starting or expanding your property portfolio in sunny Florida, you may be asking which is the better type of investment to purchase: condo or single family home? The answer here is, it depends. Just like with any other type of real estate investment opportunity, your ideal match will depend on several [...]

2 08, 2017

Why Location Really Matters with Rental Property

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As someone who has likely purchased and sold a few properties over the years, it is likely that you've heard the famous phrase that states, "The three most important items in real estate are location, location, and location." But while this is typically a crucial factor when searching for a primary residence, does it really [...]

8 02, 2017

Finding Foreclosures for Ongoing Profit

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Regardless of whether you plan to flip property or keep it for ongoing cash flow, the key to making good real estate investments will typically involve buying property that is listed below its market value, making some minor renovations, and then putting it back on the market for sale or for lease. One of the [...]

11 01, 2017

How is 2017 Expected to Fare for Real Estate Investors?

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As we enter into another new year, you may be wondering whether or not 2017 will be a good year for owning investment property - or possibly even for purchasing additional units for your real estate investment portfolio. Certainly, when a property is purchased under favorable conditions and requires little in terms of repairs, investing [...]

28 12, 2016

The Magic of Leverage and Real Estate

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Before investing in real estate, it may be difficult to determine just exactly how to go about coming up with the necessary funds. Even the smallest of rental property can run in the high 5-figures on up. But, because of a wonderful concept known as leverage, investors who buy real estate are not forced to [...]

7 09, 2016

Finding Good Investment Properties

2016-10-26T21:12:41+00:00 By |Advice, Investing, Investor Mentality|

As a real estate investor, just like any other business owner, you want to be sure that you have good, quality "inventory" for your customers. So, when going out to locate property for potential rentals, you need to ensure that you are using all of the possible sources, because in this particular business, you just [...]

3 08, 2016

How Purchasing Real Estate Is Like Investing in the Stock Market – At Least in Some Ways

2016-10-26T21:12:41+00:00 By |Investing, Investor Mentality|

Although many real estate investors purchase property in order to offset their stock market investments, there are some ways that investing in real estate can be similar. This is primarily in the way that you go about finding the very best deal. For those who are savvy investors in the stock market, it isn't likely [...]

15 06, 2016

Why Apartment Buildings Can Make Sense for Increasing Cash Flow

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Investing, Making Money, Multi-Family Investing, Multi-Family Properties|

After purchasing a couple of single or small multi-family properties as investments, many newer real estate investors may begin to wonder how they can get to the "next level." For example, there are many investors who begin their career by buying a single rental home, and then another - and then possibly a duplex or [...]

4 05, 2016

Single Family or Multi-Family Rentals: Which Is Better?

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Investing, Investor Mentality, Multi-Family Investing, Rentals|

While many real estate investors prefer one type of residential property over another, the truth is that it is possible to achieve success with either. What makes the biggest difference is whether or not you follow a particular investment strategy. There can, however, be definite advantages and drawbacks to owning either single family or multi-family [...]

23 03, 2016

What Type of Landlord Are You?

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Investing, Making Money|

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are a number of ways that purchasing property and renting it out to tenants can be used for supplementing income, and in turn, increasing wealth. While doing so can in many ways seem somewhat "cut and dried," there is really not a one-size-fits-all strategy for being [...]

10 02, 2016

Factors to Consider for Your Rental Property’s Location

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As a real estate investor, you've probably heard it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating again - the three most important criteria when purchasing real estate are location, location, and location. The question here is, though, what really makes for a good location when searching for a good rental property? The answer is [...]

6 01, 2016

Creating True Wealth Through Real Estate

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While there are many wealthy Internet and "" business owners in the world today, of all the business and investment opportunities that are out there, there are also many millionaires who have made their wealth through real estate. In fact, the real estate industry has produced the largest number of self-made multi-millionaires, as well as [...]

16 12, 2015

Investing for Income with Shopping Centers

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There are some larger commercial real estate investors who seek cash flow and diversification by investing for income with shopping centers. These types of investments can offer regular incoming cash flow. In addition, the property can also appreciate independently of the stock market, which can allow these investors to profit, regardless of market conditions. In [...]

9 12, 2015

Investing in Commercial and Industrial Buildings for Income

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There are many real estate investors who prefer to invest in commercial properties over residential. This is because these types of properties can provide numerous opportunities for income, as well as for appreciation. Prior to investing in commercial and industrial buildings for income, there are several important criteria to consider. First, just as with any [...]