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24 01, 2018

Landlord Tips for Short Term Rentals

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For many rental property owners, one of the most stressful factors related to owning and managing your investment is finding tenants. Yet, while many landlords prefer knowing that their tenants are secured with a long-term lease, there can be a number of benefits to catering to short term rentals. This is particularly the case if [...]

29 11, 2017

The Cost of a Bad Tenant

2017-11-27T17:28:42+00:00 By |Advice, Landlord Advice|

While landlords never want to be stuck with an empty unit, it is typically much better to wait for the right tenant to come along than to sign a lease with a tenant who isn't a good fit. Bad tenants can cost landlords and investment property owners in a number of ways, starting with no [...]

8 11, 2017

3 Key Tips for First Time Landlords

2017-11-07T10:39:31+00:00 By |Landlord Advice|

While you may have seen numerous infomercials telling you how you can easily make thousands of dollars per month with rental property by simply sitting at your kitchen table, the reality is that it isn’t quite that easy (although you can make thousands of dollars per month – or more – with investment property).  Although [...]