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Orlando Landlord Tips is a blog series by Orlando property management company Central Florida Property Management, and is written and cultivated by author, Realtor and CPA Steve Smith.

6 12, 2017

Tips to Keep Landlording Less Stressful

2017-12-05T12:37:04+00:00 By |Orlando Landlord Tips|

If you're a fan of any one of the long list of real estate-related television programs that have popped up like wild flowers over the past few years, then you may already know how "easy" it oftentimes looks to get a property into tip top shape and find the ideal tenant.  Yet, while this may [...]

5 07, 2017

Where to Find Investment Property Online

2017-07-04T22:55:44+00:00 By |Advice, Orlando Landlord Tips|

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in your real estate investing endeavors, or you’ve been doing it for many years, one of the biggest challenges that can face you is finding the best properties. Now you can search for investment property online. While it was necessary many years ago to scour the newspaper, highlighting [...]

8 03, 2017

Giving Your Rental Property a New Coat of Paint? Be Sure that You Dispose the Paint Cans Properly

2017-03-07T17:02:07+00:00 By |Advice, Orlando Landlord Tips|

Regardless of how large or small your painting project is, you will undoubtedly end up with at least some amount of paint left over. And, you're not alone in this regard, as it is estimated by PaintCare.org that roughly 10 percent of all paint that is purchased in the United States each year goes unused. [...]

1 02, 2017

How to Be a Successful Landlord

2017-02-01T19:25:04+00:00 By |Advice, Orlando Landlord Tips|

Prior to purchasing your first rental property, you likely heard from well-meaning friends and relatives how difficult owning investment property can be. (This could have been the case, regardless of whether or not they have ever actually owned and managed rental units). The reality is that, being a landlord does have some challenges - and [...]

18 05, 2016

How to Make Your Rental Property Attractive to the Baby Boomer Generation

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Maintenance, Orlando Landlord Tips, Tenant Relations|

For more than 65 years, the Baby Boomer generation has had a substantial impact on the United States economy. Nearly every industry has been affected - and housing is no different. As this group moves into their retirement years, many will be looking to rent. This is especially the case in areas such as Florida, [...]

6 04, 2016

How to Be a Pet Friendly Landlord without Incurring Expensive Property Damage

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Orlando Landlord Tips, Tenant Relations|

For many people, their pets are a part of the family. According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately 72% of American households that rent their homes actually have pets. But unfortunately, those who rent can also oftentimes have trouble with finding homes that welcome their four-legged family members. One of the biggest [...]

10 02, 2016

Factors to Consider for Your Rental Property’s Location

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Investing, Investor Mentality, Orlando Landlord Tips|

As a real estate investor, you've probably heard it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating again - the three most important criteria when purchasing real estate are location, location, and location. The question here is, though, what really makes for a good location when searching for a good rental property? The answer is [...]

20 01, 2016

How to Maximize Your Rental Income Without Losing Tenants

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Making Money, Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals, Saving Money, Tenant Relations|

When purchasing investment property to hold and lease, certainly one of your key goals is typically to maximize your rental income - and when doing so, there are usually two primary ways to increase your bottom line over time. One is to increase the rental income to your tenants. The other is to decrease your [...]

23 09, 2015

How To Ensure You Find the Right Tenants for Your Investment Property

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After purchasing a property for investment, you want to ensure that you place the right tenants into the property - ideally, the first time around. This is because the eviction process can be a long, tedious, and expensive ordeal. With that in mind, going through certain steps for screening potential tenants can help you to [...]

25 03, 2014

Orlando Landlord Tips: Ask for ID When Screening Tenants

2016-10-26T21:12:46+00:00 By |Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals, Security, Tenant Relations, Tenant Screening|

People who believe they would not qualify to rent a home as themselves have an incentive to pretend they are someone else in order to qualify for a lease.  This could include people with poor credit, convicted felons and other sorts of criminals, and people with prior evictions, repossessions, and foreclosures on their personal record.  [...]

10 03, 2014

Orlando Landlord Tips: How Much Rent Should I Charge?

2016-10-26T21:12:46+00:00 By |Investing, Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals|

Lots of landlords in Orlando and around Central Florida ask the same question: How much rent should I charge?  Fair market rent (FMR) is determined by the rent collected for comparable properties in the area.  Properties of similar size, bedrooms, baths, amenities, etc., should rent for about the same price in a given neighborhood.  Rent [...]

21 09, 2013

Orlando Landlord Tips: Types of People you Shouldn’t Rent to

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If you were born before 1986, you have probably heard a lot of Georgia Tech alumnus Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘You Might be a Redneck, If…’ jokes.  Well, I've compiled a similar list that pertains to types people you shouldn't rent to.  And they aren't jokes.  So, without further ado… If they show up to view a house [...]

29 08, 2013

Orlando Landlord Tips: Keep Cooling Costs Low in Your Florida Investment Property

2016-10-26T21:12:46+00:00 By |Home Inspection, Maintenance, Orlando Landlord Tips, Saving Money|

It’s been a hot summer here in the City Beautiful, and we still have about a month and a half to go with the thermometer hovering over 90 degrees.  Despite technically being considered ‘fall’, September is often one of the hottest months of the year in Central Florida, forcing many Floridians to spend hundreds of [...]

10 06, 2013

Orlando Landlord Tips: The Best 6 Ways to Secure a Vacant Property

2016-10-26T21:12:46+00:00 By |Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals, Security, Vacancy|

  You don't need one of the X-Men to secure a vacant property!One of the biggest concerns that absentee landlords have is how to secure a vacant property.  And for good reason.  Being hundreds of miles away from an expensive asset can be a little nerve-wracking. Here's the situation:  Your tenants have moved out and [...]