13 12, 2017

Year-End Tax Tips for Rental Property Owners

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The end of the year can bring about many obligations - both personal and business. For starters, the holidays will keep most anyone busy. And, if you own rental real estate, this time of year can also signal the deadline for many important tax deductions. If you're like many seasoned investment property owners, purchasing real [...]

15 11, 2017

Winning with Rental Real Estate Through Tax Deductions

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While cashing the rent check(s) can certainly be an incentive for owning investment real estate, there are other ways in which landlords can win from a financial standpoint. One of these is through the long list of tax deductions that this type of investing can offer. When it comes to real estate investments, there are [...]

27 01, 2016

Considering Your Taxable Deductions on Property Owned

2016-10-26T21:12:42+00:00 By |Taxes|

We've once again moved into another new year, and many investment property owners will be looking ahead to filing taxes - and more specifically, to the deductions that can be used in helping to reduce their taxable income for the prior year. As discussed in previous posts, certainly most investors are familiar with the fact [...]

17 09, 2015

Using IRA Funds to Purchase Investment Property

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When purchasing investment property, there can be a number of tax advantages. First, there's the ability to write off the amount of interest paid on the mortgage each year. There's also the potential for depreciation in the properties that you own. These alone can add up to big tax savings for property owners. What many [...]

9 04, 2014

Rental Property Depreciation for Real Estate Investors

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For all of you tax-day procrastinators out there... Let's talk about rental property depreciation for tax purposes! We have covered mileage reimbursement tax treatment in an earlier post.  Now, let's get down to more real estate-centric stuff. Owning rental property can be a good source of income, but it is income and must be reported as [...]

13 03, 2014

Meals and Entertainment Tax Write Offs for Real Estate Investors

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You entertain clients and business prospects to build relationships and gain new business so lets talk about meals and entertainment tax write offs for real estate investors.  In some cases these meals/entertainment can be tax deductible. The expense must meet either the directly related test or the associated test as defined by the IRS. [...]

2 07, 2013

Tax Talk: Landlord Vehicle Expenses

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Whether you are a full-time investor or weekend landlord, your landlord vehicle expenses will often be one of the largest expenses you will have each year to offset your investing income for tax purposes.  The IRS gives the taxpayer 2 options - itemize each individual vehicle expense (fuel, oil changes, repairs and maintenance, etc.) or elect to [...]