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If you have unanswered questions about Central Florida Property Management services and other topics, look no further!  Here’s our list of frequently asked questions.

Central Florida Property Management is locally owned and operated by a true Central Florida native. Steve grew up in Central Florida and, after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Georgia Tech, returned to Orlando and started his Orlando property management business. He has deep roots in the area, cares about its progress and has a vested interest in the community. Who else could properly care for your investment?

Steve brings a high level of passion, commitment and professionalism to the company. He takes great care to hire quality people that provide superior service. Even with the rapid growth of Central Florida Property Management, Steve strives to maintain a personal touch in all transactions. He maximizes the efficiencies brought by today’s technology while maintaining personal contact with all clients, tenants, maintenance staff and others that keep the company running smoothly and resourcefully.

Central Florida Property Management specializes in the management of single family homes for tenancies generally equaling or exceeding one year. Due to our tourist economy, Florida law requires tenancies of 7 months or less to be classified as ‘transient’ or hotel stays in layman’s terms, and additional state taxes and fees apply. We currently do not manage short term rental homes but would be happy to refer you to some great companies who do!
Absolutely not. But, should you decide to sell, we would love to talk to you about how we can help you in that matter as well.
In the State of Florida, there is no licensing requirement to manage property.

Steve IS a licensed real estate agent and Certified Public Accountant (CPA), but he would rather perform Orlando property management than help you with your taxes.

We leave any direct communication between owners and tenants completely up to the owner. Most owners prefer to ‘stay in the shadows’ and let us handle all tenant interaction. However, some owners prefer a more hands-on approach and we are happy to accommodate them in doing so. Our leases are designed to reflect this philosophy as well – tenants are not given access to owners without express permission from the owner of the occupied property.
Not only can we, but we prefer to pay owners via direct deposit. We also encourage tenants to set up automatic electronic payments to pay their rent and have a secure banking website available to accept and transfer funds.

Owner distributions, as well as prior month financial statements, are typically made between the 10th and 15th of the month.  Using our online access for property management, you have access to this information anytime!

We do not require our owners to allow us to hold reserve cash for future repairs, but recommend that they do so either on their own or through our accounting services. We require owner approval for all expenses greater than $750.
Tenants, as well as owners, have the ability to submit maintenance requests directly into our online management system or, more traditionally, through a phone call or email which is then entered into our online management system allowing owners the ability to track the status of maintenance. We aim to address maintenance requests in a timely manner so as to cause minimal damage to the house and minimal frustration for tenants.

Our leases dictate that repairs for wear-and-tear items are covered by the owner while tenant-caused repairs are the obligation of the tenant, which we believe is the fairest system possible. We try to respond to all communications, maintenance requests included, within 2 hours.

We use ONLY licensed and insured businesses and professionals and have a list of companies that have a proven relationship with us and that we have had excellent experience with. We strive to maintain the rapport we have built with them, which leads to preferential treatment for the properties we manage, and often significant cost savings over typical pricing. We are always looking to add to our list of contractors! If you have a particular company you would like us to use on your property or just a company you would like to recommend, just let us know.
Our management agreement was crafted by a Winter Park-based real estate attorney with over 35 years of experience. It was designed to comply effortlessly with Florida law and to explicitly state the terms of the agreement between the owner and Central Florida Property Management. A draft copy of our management agreement is available upon request.
Our standard lease agreement was crafted by a Winter Park-based real estate attorney with over 35 years of experience. It complies with all Florida real estate laws and has been explicitly designed to insure that all parties understand their obligations under the contract. We believe that cooperation between landlords and tenants is preferable to a hostile environment and our lease agreement reflects this philosophy. It has been fashioned to ensure that owners, their property, and tenants are all protected from unscrupulous acts by other parties. A draft copy of our lease is available upon request.

We are a management company, not a leasing company, and we permit our owners to use their own leases if they so choose. Our lease is simply available for their use should they choose to use it.